Die etwas "andere" Tattoo Convention  vom  30.09.-1.10.17  in der Tonhalle/München

The “Tonhalle”

This location has its own special flair. Even though she has come a little bit older, she has not lost her appeal.

 On the contrary.

 While the former “Pfannigelände / Kunstpark Ost / Kultfabrik / Eventfabrikgelände” has evolved over the past few years from a party mile to the scenic and urban “Werksviertel” with the “WERK3” and continues to grow, the Tonhalle is still a venue for rock concerts, the iconic NACHTKONSUM or different fairs.

 In the meantime, the WERK3 offers several culinary choices and bar's, which in some cases are a resting place in converted containers.

 The art stands on this site in all variations in the foreground.

 This includes the art of tattooing.

 The Tonhalle invites the visitor, despite the current giant rebuilding , to a casual and exciting time and is by the proximity to the Ostbahnhof central and very easy to reach.

 Also the tattoo & piercing show we have hosted here has been held annually for many years and therefore we are looking forward to staying true to this hall.