Die etwas "andere" Tattoo Convention  vom  30.09.-1.10.17  in der Tonhalle/München

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 What does the Term "ART" mean?

Hardly anyone thinks about tattoos.

But many tattoo artists are also artistically active at the same time.

We would like to show with this event that the creativity of many tattooists is still going in other directions and not just landing under the skin.

 They are draftsmen, sculptors, painters, designers and much more.

Of course, anyone who is wearing a great tattoo knows this too. But what remains in many of these artists, we want to show you.

In these two days, we would like to give you a little insight into how far the abilities of the tattooists are, and to the tattooers themselves we would like to offer the opportunity to show what else they can do and can do!

But art does not stop there.

 Because in this scene there is much more.

 Also the Bodymodifikation is part of it. The opinions are very divided. In the case of some, this branch of body art is a fascination, in the case of the other incomprehension, possibly even disgust.

Yet hardly anyone knows the background of this kind of art. Where does she come from? What are the requirements for a good Bodymodler? What exactly do they actually do? Is there simply cut on it? What are Brandings? How does the splitting of a tongue work? What exactly belongs to Bodymodification?


All this is to be presented in these two days.